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Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening Enhances The Appearance And Health Of Your Smile!

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Esthetic vs. Functional Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This relatively simple procedure usually takes about an hour to perform and is essentially a "gum lift". During the procedure, the doctor removes excess gum and bone tissue and reshapes the smile to expose more of the natural tooth. While the procedure can be performed on just one tooth, it is most often done to the entire smile. The end result is that more of the natural tooth is exposed creating a wider, more beautiful smile.

A Beautiful Smile For A Beautiful You!

Fix Your Gummy Smile in Fort Walton Beach, FL: Esthetic Crown Lengthening

If you are suffering from a gummy smile in Fort Walton Beach, FL, periodontal plastic surgery may be a solution for you. Get your most beautiful smile through gum contouring. Schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Brent Bartruff today!

What is Esthetic Crown Lengthening?

Esthetic crown lengthening simply put is a “gum lift” to improve your smile. The procedure uses gum contouring processes to remove excess gum and bone tissue. Dr. Bartruff helps you to obtain a beautiful smile by exposing more of your natural teeth upon completion of the procedure.

Esthetic crown lengthening procedures normally take about an hour to complete and get rid of your “gummy smile.” While esthetic crown lengthening can be done to just one tooth, the majority of patients have the procedure performed on a whole arch or the entire mouth. When the entire mouth undergoes esthetic crown lengthening, the end result is a wider, more beautiful smile.

If a healthy smile is what you are looking for, then esthetic crown lengthening can be the answer for you. During the procedure, excess gum tissue is removed which can help prevent periodontal disease. Bacteria collect in the gums and can grow rapidly, harming your oral health. By removing the gum tissue and exposing more of your natural teeth, the periodontal pockets between your teeth and gums are decreased, reducing the risk of bacteria buildup.

Before the procedure gets underway, Dr. Bartruff will have an anesthetic administered to eliminate any pain or discomfort that you might experience during the procedure. Tiny incisions in your gum tissue will be made to detach your gums from your teeth. This process will help in the gum contouring progression to create a beautiful smile for you.

Small amounts of bone may need to be removed to create a more natural smile in some cases. Upon completion of the procedure, Dr. Bartruff will sterilize the incisions with water and apply sutures and protective bandages over the surgical areas affected. Follow up appointments will be required one to two weeks following the procedure to evaluate healing and assess any complications that may occur.

Getting rid of your gummy smile in Fort Walton Beach, FL is a phone call away! Call Dr. Bartruff today to schedule your esthetic crown lengthening consultation.



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