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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect At My Initial Appointment?

Your initial exam with Dr Bartruff is comprised of a thorough review of you medical and dental history, periodontal evaluation, and full series of x-rays. This ensures each patient is being treated for your own specific needs as an individual.

To respect your time, our appointments are carefully planned. Please expect to spend approximately 1 hour with us at your initial visit. This ensures our ability to spend quality time with you and assist in your dental decisions. In most cases, at the initial visit, future appointments will be determined and estimated fees discussed. So we may address all of your questions we encourage you to invite your spouse, friend, or family member to accompany you to this important appointment. This is especially valuable if this person will be actively involved with your treatment or financial decision making process.

It is generally our goal to complete the examination and consultation process in one appointment. For patients whose treatment needs are more complex, however, a secondary consultation appointment may be scheduled at a later date.

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