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Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth May Be A Symptom of A Bigger, Underlying Dental Issue

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Gum Disease Can Cause Loose Teeth

Loose teeth can be a sign of gum disease and other oral health problems that may lead to tooth loss and damage of the supporting structure and bone.

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Are You Experiencing Loose Teeth in Fort Walton Beach, FL?

Loose teeth in Fort Walton Beach, FL can signal the presence of periodontal gum disease that can lead to tooth loss or damage to your bone structure.

Teeth that move easily or shifting of teeth could be a sign of a serious oral health problem and should be treated immediately. If you are experiencing loose teeth in Fort Walton Beach, FL, contact Dr. J. Brent Bartruff for a exam today.

It is important to remember that teeth should never become loose in healthy adults.

What Causes Loose Teeth?

Bacterial infections in your mouth can put you at risk for periodontal gum disease which can cause the gum tissue and bone around your teeth to become damaged and result in loose teeth. Any trauma or injury to your mouth can cause loose teeth due to structural damage inhibiting the ability of the gums and bone to hold the teeth in place. Loose teeth also can be a sign that underlying health problems are occurring.

Loose Teeth Symptoms

Inflammation in your gums, soreness, bleeding gums, gum recession, or pus buildup are all symptoms associated with loose teeth. Not only are loose teeth an issue themselves, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is likely that there is a living, growing infection in your mouth due to periodontal gum disease.

Loose Teeth Prevention

Having a good oral hygiene regime and getting treatment for signs of periodontal gum disease in the early stages can help prevent loose teeth. Eating healthy and exercising frequently can create a boost in your immune system, decreasing the risk of periodontal gum disease and loose teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly are also very important in preventing gingivitis which could progress to periodontal gum disease.

What Can You Do For Loose Teeth?

If you have any signs of loose teeth, the following can be helpful: laser gum surgery, bone and gingival grafts, extractions of teeth, or tooth replacement. Healthy adult teeth should not become loose. If you are experiencing any loose teeth, call Dr. Bartruff in Fort Walton Beach, FL for treatment information today.



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