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Bad Breath

Are You Self Conscious About Your Bad Breath? We Can Help!

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Factors That Affect Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a result of poor dental hygiene but can also be a sign of other health problems. 

Factors that affect bad breath include:
  • Food
  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Gum Disease
  • Dry Mouth
  • Chronic Illness

Embarrassed By Bad Breath?

Are You Suffering from Halitosis in Fort Walton Beach, FL?

Bad breath, also called halitosis, can be the result of poor oral hygiene, food choices, or a person’s lifestyle choices. Other contributing factors include gum disease, dry mouth, and chronic illness.

Dr. J. Brent Bartruff in Fort Walton Beach, FL Offers Periodontal Treatment for Halitosis

Lack of consistency in your daily oral health care can increase your risk of halitosis. Brushing your teeth regularly and flossing everyday can help you prevent gum disease and bad breath. If you are someone who keeps up with their daily hygiene, other health issues could be the reason for your chronic bad breath. Dr. Bartruff is a periodontal treatment professional who can help you figure out what is causing your halitosis in Fort Walton Beach, FL and aid in preventing it.

What are you eating?

Foods with intense odors such as onions and fish will negatively affect your breath. Your bad breath from food will continue until it has passed through your body completely.

Irregularity in Dental Hygiene

Improperly caring for your teeth by not brushing and flossing regularly will often cause bad breath. Changing your oral hygiene regime is an easy and effective fix, but does not take the place of periodontal treatment and regular cleanings with Dr. Bartruff.

Change the Way You Are Living

Tobacco products including cigarettes or chewing tobacco can be causing your bad breath. In addition to contributing to halitosis, tobacco affects the tongue’s taste buds and can also cause gum irritation.

Halitosis Causes You May Not Know

Most people are unaware that bad breath can be caused by continual sinus infections, dry mouth, acid reflux, or even liver and kidney issues. Diabetes and yeast infections of the mouth can also contribute to your bad breath. Ill-fitting dental appliances can trap plaque, bacteria, and food particles that may also cause halitosis. 

If you are experiencing persistent halitosis, call our office in Fort Walton Beach, FL for a exam today. Dr. Bartruff is a periodontal treatment professional who can help tackle bad breath problems and improve your overall oral health.



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